30/dez/2014 - Luna encontrou este Pin. Alec and Isaac yell from the sidelines causing everyone in the family to laugh at the older brothers of the bride. Who is crying at the sidelines at the moment. Saved by Amna Mansha. Ambra Angiolini, nuova fiction e matrimonio in arrivo? but if you guys wants a certain wedding first let me know. These violent delights have violent ends." this will have two or three chaps following it with Kolvina and Rebel's wedding maybe Hopes or Elijah we'll see. Kolviina, Halvinka, or the Hybrid Family (title shared with Klaus, Katherine and Adyelya) Will she keep her... A century had passed but the memories the Mikaelson's had left behind them was as fresh as if it had happened only yesterday. Secondo quanto dichiarato dall’attore Joseph Morgan, che interpreta Klaus, durante il salto temporale che ci sarà tra la quarta e la quinta stagione della serie Kol e Davina si sarebbero sposati. Narrowing his eyes, he wishes to flash before him and rip his heart out. Il tuo indirizzo email non sarà pubblicato. Kol doesn't even remember drinking Vodka…. She would bounce around the house pretending to be a ballerina, one of her many dreams. Klaus glares at Hope's boyfriend who inches away from the Hybrid. Throughout the pregnancy, Davina and the baby nearly lost their lives many times, though managed to pull through and survive. De Verdad ? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "Alright go for it." But nothing when it comes to my Davina." Klaus- "Isn't she stunning? Mikael just tosses his son over his should and takes him up to the master bedroom. GF Vip: il fratello di Pretelli contro Selvaggia Roma, The Originals, oggi 28 agosto 2020: Il matrimonio di Freya, The Originals, oggi 19 agosto: Dietro la porta rossa, The Originals, oggi 3 Agosto: Alla ricerca di Rebekah, Oroscopo Paolo Fox oggi mercoledì 18 novembre: Sagittario, Capricorno, Acquario e Pesci, Oroscopo Branko oggi 18 Novembre: Sagittario, Capricorno, Acquario e Pesci, Testata Registrata al tribunale di Nocera Inferiore n.1338/2020. She's the spinning image of Davina with Kol's wicked smile. Quali vicende e cambiamenti dovremmo aspettarci? Ivy quindi si lascia morire, e intanto Klaus è intento ad eliminare le voci che Hope sente nella sua testa, ma tutti i tentativi sono fallimentari. Rebekah growls at the two men. Una di queste è l’evoluzione del rapporto tra Kol e Davina e, soprattutto, le voci riguardo al loro matrimonio. Kol replies eyeing the man that awaits for Aurora's hand. She changed but not in a good way, so she ran. Just for fun. " "There wouldn't be a wedding. Davina's pregnancy with their daughter was a unexpected surprise, as it was assumed that Kol, due to being a vampire, would be able to conceive. Marcel is there clutching his head in shame. Here are the moments of favorite characters from Originals. The Vampire Diaries & Originals & Legacies, https://thevampirediariesfanon.fandom.com/wiki/Kol,_Davina_and_Henriikka?oldid=6521. Feb 8, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Jenni Lauren. "We know the prat, wanker and papa talked to you. All she wanted was to party 24/7, which wasn't hard since she lived in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Kol knows he's in trouble. Aurora looks as if she's about to burst into tears either from amusement or anger. He threatened to take way what makes him a 'man'. Kol walks over to them with Aurora. Kol narrows his blue eyes at the grey eyed man. La relazione romantica tra il Vampiro originale, Kol Mikaelson e la strega, Davina Claire. I hope you enjoyed it. That Josh gets on the camcorder. Y para que quede registrado, me gusta esta cara, está bien. Intanto Elijah ricorda che a Manosque incontrò Hayley, ma non ne ha nessun ricordo. Klaus hadn't come to New Orleans looking for love, no he was desperate to regain the power he once had. Family, Kol and Davina are Henriikka's parents, They are also Husband & Wife, Friends/Former Enemies (Davina and Kol); Love Each Other. Isaac cuts his brother off by doing the sprinkler. Kol and Davina are protective of Each Other, and of their Daughter; They care for one another and are willing to do anything to keep their family safe; Kol, Davina and Henriikka all lived in San Francisco together, though Henri was born in New Orleans like her mother; Davina promised to keep her daughter safe from the supernatural world, allowing her the choice the join it. Carriera, amore e curiosità. 'That's not even half of it! È giustamente furiosa, spaventata e all'inizio non si fida di lui. Mikael strolls up… being the stern Viking grandfather of beautiful Aurora and Hope. Rebekah hisses while trying to give her best 'I'm going to kick your ass when this is over' look. Ma Antoinette lo scopre e chiede ad Elijah di farlo ragionare. ". Adrian though is a strapping young man. Hope hisses at her boyfriend. In quell’occasione, si era accennato anche a Kol e Davina e, in particolare, al loro matrimonio! So like i stated before there will be several chaps after this involving other weddings in the Mikaelson fam. Discover (and save!) THE ORIGINALS 5 spoiler e news sui nuovi episodi [VIDEO], THE ORIGINALS 5 Klaus e Caroline: ecco cosa succede [VIDEO], Il tuo indirizzo email non sarà pubblicato. I will have your bloody head on a silver platter and dump your carcass in the bayou. Kol and Aurora go off to have a father daughter dance. Every bit of him in it. Kol, Rebekah e Davina sono tornati a New Orleans per il lieto evento: il matrimonio di Keelin e Freya. To be the first to hold her when she's just so tiny and loves you no matter what…She use to tell me I was her number one...then you had to come along... taring my heart out! As everything dies down again… they all enjoy the night. Klaus in the background laughing at them…. Both father figures do double take seeing the little girl they each invested time and love into. "Why?" Helena 'Elle' Gerard is anything but happy living in New Orleans where she feels completely trapped, but it isn't long till her life is thrown upside down whe... She was his first creation but something went wrong, terribly wrong. "Come on time to go.". Grande Fratello, abusi nella Casa: Mediaset nei pasticci? Inizialmente, Davina ignorava completamente la vera identità di Kaleb, ma alla fine scopre la verità. I due personaggi, interpretati da Nathaniel Buzolic e Danielle Campbell, formano una delle ship più amate dello spin-off di The Vampire Diaries.La loro storia sembrava definitivamente conclusa nel corso della terza stagione. Hope cries as Rebekah rushes close to have Kol pushed upon her. Aurora still is battling with her father's grip. "You won't be laughing when Hope gets married." his bloodlust, being unable to leave the city limits] by the Ancestors due to his consecration on New Orleans soil. "Kol!" This is another reason why she needs to keep her eyes on her husband. Iva Zanicchi lascia l’ospedale: l’annuncio di Cristiano Malgioglio, X Factor: chi è Mika? How he rocked her… Held her in his arms hours after she was brought into the world. Marcel takes the groom by the neck and does the same to him that he had done to Kol. Inizialmente Freya era incerta se voler sposare Keelin o meno, dato che la strega non vuole avere figli, ma Rebekah la aiuta a cambiare idea. Josh is there recording it all. From afar Davina sees the drunken mess that her husband has become. Adrian's deep voice greets the vampire. "I used to rock her to sleep when she'd cry all night. The Originals 5 Kol Davina sposati? Elijah goes off to try to help but Alec and Isaac attempt to help only to have Kol attempt to tackle them. I need a spin-off with him and Davina. Klaus is sitting in-between Hope and Rex. Henriikka's birth is also considered to be a "loophole" by witches. Aurora whispers causing Klaus to bark in laughter. Oct 13, 2017 - Kolvina (Kol Mikaelson and Davina Claire) The originals. but whateve's. Alec comes back with the shopping cart. They soon discover they are having a daughter, but alongside this news, Davina also begins to experience difficulties throughout the pregnancy, such as not being able to use her own magic (due to the baby sustaining itself with her body's magic), being unable to keep food down properly, having to go on bed rest, and many other issues. Everyone (well the males) attempted to scare the boy off but he stood his ground. Placing a kiss on his cheek; Kol takes advantage and wraps his arms around her. Mikael flashes Adrian a rare smile. Elijah, quindi, escogita un piano per aiutare Hope a liberarsi delle voci. Recently, Kol and Davina have sent their daughter to the Salvatore boarding school, per her request. Your review has been posted. It seems that the family is only remaining after a while. They just hope the next wedding won't end up so badly…. Of course, she didn't herself sleeping with Klaus Mikaelson, either. Those weddings are nothing compared to the disasters that this has been. Rex straightens his coat. Il tuo Ad Blocker sta interferendo con il corretto funzionamento di questo sito. I loved Kol in this episode. Originally, Davina was shocked and did not think she was truly pregnant. Rex rushes towards the alter after being tripped by Marcel. The daughter of Davina Clare. Yet that didn't stop Mikael from sitting him down and talking to him. Kol e Davina si dicono definitivamente addio, e grazie al coraggioso gesto di Davina, tutte le streghe di New Orleans adesso sono libere dall'autorità degli Antenati. "I can't help it, Hope." Stop it!" Refusing to let her go… Klaus lets out a bark of laughter seeing his baby brother and niece. He's threaten many boys away from his granddaughters. Kol and Marcel are seen at the bar that is being tended by Aiden. "You lay a hand on her that isn't one of comfort or a caress. He voice gets louder with each sentence. Pubblicato il 21 Febbraio 2018 da Sara Papetti. His drunken self yelling at the young group. Rebekah smiles at her little angel's choice in mate. "I do!" Then he's dragged by the collar by Elijah who has had enough of the child's play that is ruining his niece's wedding. Tiutto questo perché vuole evitare che l’uomo allerti l’intera comunità umana contro il soprannaturale. "Wish you all the best.". "Someone stop Uncle Marcel from drowning Uncle Kol!" The scene cuts to Isaac being tackled to the ground by his father, and is head butted in the eye. Davina appears at their side and attempts to pull her husband's away from their daughter. Oct 9, 2019 - Davina and kol Dios, te extrañé. Henriikka, much like Adyelya, her cousin, is considered to be the "Mikaelson Princess. It's until Davina is heard mumbling a spell under her breath. Kol (in possesso di Kaleb Westphall) e Davina si sono incontrati per la prima volta nella premiere della seconda stagione. Follow and we will see. He refused to be anything but King. He warned the boy of what would happen if he ever laid a hand on his precious granddaughter. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. He hasn't felt that way since Davina decided to marry the idiot that is now trying to keep his only daughter from marrying. What happened to the moments that were not told. Davina hisses. Josh cringes from behind the lens and quickly turns back to the Angel of the family dancing with her eldest brother. Marcel places enough pressure on it to make the witch buckle and turn his attention to the vampire. Marcel corners his 'daughter's husband. Marching over to them she hears him slurring. Davina drags her husband to go dance with her. When you have a daughter you'll see what I had to go through… Wait! "What's going on?" The only one he willing gave himself to was his tiny wife. After so much suffering in her life, she leaves to New Orleans with the Originals. Treat her like a queen that she is and protect her with your life. “Succede off-screen” aveva dichiarato l’attore. Davina appears beside her husband and son-in-law. Henriikka is considered to be her parents "little miracle" due to the surprise of Davina being pregnant (with vampires being unable to conceive) and the difficulties that Davina had throughout the pregnancy. But when he finds her she isn’t the same as before, she stronger and much more guarded. The scenes that we wished for and wanted to know more about. Josh is recording it all… While; trying not to laugh. I'll have you become the new addition in my garden." Everyone turns to Kol, who in turn flips everyone off. My sunshine isn't a toy. Kol ends up marching up to Adrian and Aurora who are talking to Alec and his girlfriend Nenet and Isaac and his beloved girlfriend Beatrice. QUIZ, Il calendario delle fiction prossimamente in onda in tv, Fiction Rai: le novità e date di inizio nei prossimi mesi, Arriva la fiction MÀKARI su Rai 1 nei primi mesi del 2021, The Flash 6 stagione: dal 17 novembre 2020 su Premium Action, Benvenuti a Eden, l’erede de La Casa di Carta, Cosa sappiamo sulle serie tv e sui film di Narnia per Netflix. Rex slipped in. Which makes his wife lecture him when they get home. The drinks get to Kol a lot faster than they do to Marcel. Kol and Marcel may be out of Char. Marcel and Kol have joined forces to prevent anyone defacing their innocent little girl. Encontre (e salve!) "No death threat?" Born under the harvest. … How Well Do You Know The Originals? You are what I pictured for my little angel. Secondly, it allowed for him to conceive. Kol holds on to her little hand. Kol- "Yeah, I have to admit brother, she is. But, it is I the master of torture." Her lily white dress flows about her petite body, dark chocolate curls tumble down in beautiful ringlets. "Kol! Aurora is about to let go of his hand. Beside them are Freya and Rebekah each shinning a smile his way. He mumbles as he wraps his arms around his tiny wife who nearly falls over with Kol's dead weight on her. "Since she was born, I often pondered on the kind of man that would sweep her off her feet. Marcel narrows his eyes that offer a glint that is often seen in Klaus'. (R: T-M. Just know we will make your life a living hell if you make her cry." In quell’occasione, si era accennato anche a Kol e Davina e, in particolare, al loro matrimonio! He already feels the noose getting tighter around his neck. Ecco quello che sappiamo! "I love you, Poppy." kolvina is getting married ️ #theoriginals #to. Elijah just fixes the young man's neck tie, making it to tight and causing Adrian to have a hard time to breathe. Ma Declan informa Marcel che ha scoperto che Kieran è un vampiro, leggendo i suoi appunti leggendo, Marcel , quindi, non avendo la possibilità di usare su di lui la compulsione, a causa della sua assunzione di verbena , lo colpisce con un pugno mettendolo al tappeto. That's what the little prat is doing to him…. 306. Rebekah beside her with hands on her hips giving him a 'I will skin you alive' look. Alec is getting socked in the face by Marcel. Marcel blanches as he watches himself knock out Aiden; force Kol and Adrian to drink. Mikael eyes the boy from the corner of his eye. Davina drags her husband to go dance with her. However, Davina is able to convince Kol of the truth with the help of Freya and Vincent. Marcel wanting nothing more than to speed forward toss his goddaughter over his shoulder and store her away for many years. As the video ends… They hear the door; it's when Kol and Davina's kids walk in with their other halves. What can happen? As the Ovinr, Davia Claire has been fighting to keep New Orleans at peace. I was going go in order but thought this would be a great opener.. As he waits for her to join him by the doors; he notices the glance Marcel gives him. Adrian questions Josh. Vincent vuole che lei la completi, ma la ragazza non vuole e insieme liberano le anime di tutti coloro che sono rimasti intrappolati in un’altra dimensione e dei quali viene sfruttata la magia. He is close friends with Alec and Isaac. The Vampire Diaries & The Originals Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Marcel and Kol stand there whispering what they would say to the young man if he would dare hurt their princess. In addition, Kol also knew that Klaus conceiving Adyelya was considered to be "nature's loophole" and proof in Kol's mind of the impossibility of Davina's pregnancy. "I loved her first!" Kol springs up. Mikael strolls up… being the stern Viking grandfather of beautiful Aurora and Hope. It's going to be worse for Hope…'. Notizie, recensioni e quiz sulle migliori serie tv. "Now, put a smile on and enjoy your wedding." Kol slurs slumping onto Alec and Isaac whom struggle to keep their father up. As they all gather around the front room to watch the wedding video.. Kol sees himself being the overbearing papa bear. When the Mikaelson clan steps back into New Orleans, she may be the weapon they need. No! The family relationship between Kol Mikaelson, Davina Claire-Mikaelson, and their daughter, Henriikka. He captured the look of betrayal on Kol's face as he's dragged way from his daughter's side. "I love her," Rex smirks as he pushes Adrian away. As an older sister, Davia Claire is trying to look after her baby sister. He laughs at the sight; the last time his brother was that foxed was guys' night out. That's for reading. As the magical soulmate of Kol Mikaelson, Davia Claire is ... Sets in season 2 - 2x14 where instead of Kol dying, he is still alive and bit way before Finn put a Hex on him. Scoprilo con questo QUIZ, Riverdale: quanto ricordi del primo episodio? To make sure, she contacted Freya and Vincent for their help in performing a confirmation ritual in order to determine if the pregnancy tests was correct. Davina is chasing them in her heels. As they make it up to the altar. AS much as they-we are messed up we love and protect one another. This is because she was conceived through the effects of a Curse placed upon Kol by the Ancestors. "You make Poppy cry. At least it wasn't like their wedding or Rebekah and Marcel's. More powerful than Dahlia herself. This is due to the fact that she was kidnapped, and her life has been in danger on other occasions. Between: Kol Mikaelson, Niklaus Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, Davina Claire, Elijah Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall... Who are you most like? Henriikka is considered to be Kol and Davina's "little miracle" because of the unexpected nature of her conception, and also because of what it took to keep Davina alive throughout the pregnancy. All three dressed in lilac gowns. But it wouldn't be a Mikaelson wedding if someone wasn't hurt, drugged, or forced into something. firstly, it allowed for Kol to be manipulated [i.e. Ma Declan informa Marcel che ha scoperto che Kieran è un vampiro, leggendo i suoi appunti leggendo, Marcel, quindi, non avendo la possibilità di usare su di lui la compulsione, a causa della sua assunzione di verbena, lo colpisce con un pugno mettendolo al tappeto. THE ORIGINALS 5 Kol e Davina matrimonio: tutti i segreti [VIDEO], « MAN TO MAN serie tv streaming, di cosa parla e cast [VIDEO], Siti per vedere serie tv: quali sono i migliori ». kol and davina getting a happy ending is EVERYTHING. But Aurora was like his own…so that's just a double sided blade. "Kol may know several tricks. Marcel pales dramatically nothing is worse than the Spice Girls fiasco. Over the course of time and mutual distaste on little boys chasing the skirt to their angel. Both drowning their sorrow and heartache of losing their angel… their sunshine. Nel corso del Comic Con di San Diego, tenutosi nel luglio del 2017, il cast della serie aveva preso parte a un panel, durante il quale si era parlato del finale di The Originals, serie televisiva nata come spin-off di The Vampire Diaries, entrambe create dal genio di Julie Plec. Elijah drags Marcel up to the spare bedroom in Kol and Davina's estate. Lo sceneggiato è ambientato nel quartiere francese di New Orleans e tratta delle vicende dell’ibrido originale Klaus e della sua famiglia. Aurora offers a smile to her father and godfather. "What can I do for you, Marcel?" Alec is busting out moves that is making Aurora giggle. To have her smiling only at you. Oct 13, 2017 - Kolvina (Kol Mikaelson and Davina … The only problem is she refuses to use it. Nel frattempo, Marcel cerca di sconfiggere gli estremisti ma finisce per essere catturato, lí gli viene prelevato il suo veleno. She didn't see herself settling down, starting a family, or falling in love. He sees the young man that is taking his goddaughter way. Jun 14, 2018 - Kol and Elijah. He's threaten many boys away from his granddaughters. The two who were once bitter enemies share a bottle of scotch. Respect her. Nel contempo Hope finisce per torturare Roman ma è si rifiuta ad ucciderlo. Throughout the years she has grown to harness unthinkable ability and power with magic. Aurora smiles sadly at her father. "What the hell, Rex!" your own Pins on Pinterest Ran far away from her sired master. Kol mumbles while sitting up. And as she begins her new life with a new family, she learns that her new home may take even more for her as a fight for power begins. The girl who took the ancestors powers. "You two are banned from drinking, especially vodka it make you violent!" Rebekah beams from the side of her niece as she fixes the goddess head chain on Aurora's head. Mikael retorts as he watching his granddaughter… He's never seen such a beautiful bride. He flashes a friendly smile to the young man. An all out dance battle between the brothers unfolds. GF Vip: Selvaggia Roma ci prova con Pretelli nel Cucurio? I campi obbligatori sono contrassegnati *. Hope is there standing as the maid of honor. Davina scopre che non esiste rimedio per aiutare Hope, il Vuoto la sta lentamente consumando, è solo questione di giorni e lei morirà, La serie completa in onda tutti i giorni dal lunedì al venerdì su La5 dalle 14:00. Secondo quanto dichiarato dall’attore Joseph Morgan, che interpreta Klaus, durante il salto temporale che ci sarà tra la quarta e la quinta stagione della serie Kol e Davina si sarebbero sposati. Josh lo salva ma finisce lui stesso per essere avvelenato e morire. (Accurate results; somewhat) This is my first quiz so I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do. Not my post. What's that noise?' l cast della serie aveva preso parte a un panel, VITE IN FUGA, anticipazioni della prima puntata. All Alec was trying to doing was help his brother. Make her fall and I will unleash your worst fears upon you and make them tenfold.". Doesn't help that his sons encourage him and his little remarks. There's a gleam in his eyes of pure mischief he picked up from his godfather Kol over the years. Adrian is about to go up to them. Trama e anticipazioni “The Originals” puntate di oggi 28 agosto: la serie televisiva approda su La5. Klaus flashes a wolfish smile. Everyone whirls to stare at Rex, Aiden and Josh's adopted son; who also happens to be dating Hope. Furthermore, Henriikka also decided that she wanted to learn more about the supernatural world, despite Davina wanting to protect her.