And this genocide went so well, so quietly, that Hitler, contemplating the genocide of the European Jews, allegedly demanded of any squeamish nay-sayers “Who remembers the Armenians?”. I think the framing here is a bit questionable. Today, there people in the third generation who may not even speak Turkish but may still have Turkish passports and lack German passports, since both Germany and Turkey have obstructed dual citizenship in the past. It was very noticeable during the fighting in Bosnia, for example, that Serb and Croat paramilitaries wore religious signs (including tattoos) and often destroyed monuments and places of worship belonging to other faiths. Nevertheless, since they are in the trenches with Erdogan, they are at least on the same side as Sunni Islamists on many fronts. A big question of course is whether in countries like Germany the Grey Wolves would see other far right nationalist groups as competitors or potential allies when it comes to bashing minorities. Quando ho sparato avevo 23 anni, ero giovane e ignorante”. Clearly, neither liberal Democrats nor conservative Republicans can deliver on such programs, because the two are different flavors of neoliberalism (“Because markets”). We’ll never know, because it was quickly twisted into the ridiculous “Bulgaria did it” farce by the guys who enjoy a few cocktails with their opposite numbers from Ankara at all those NATO conferences. Warum sollte der Papst sterben? Thanks for this question, which I have as well. Fascism of the 1930s was European, and that’s the only kind amateurs notice? Fascism is mainstream in Turkey, getting more mainstream all the time — and has been since the violent dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. Gray Wolves is a classic fascist Genesis story, and the behavior of its hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of supporters is classic fascist violence. Your email address will not be published. The pictures of that savagery were published in the newspapers that day. zu töten - und saß fast 30 Jahre im Gefängnis: Nun ist Mehmet Ali Agca wieder frei. They guessed wrong, but not before they managed to exterminate the harmless Armenians who had recently been patronized as Turkey’s “model minority” for their docility. Granted authorisation to pay his respects under a discreet police escort, Agca was filmed by the ADNKronos news agency murmuring a prayer at the side of the tomb after he placed his bouquet of white roses. Please explain to me the difference between an “extremist paramilitary group” and a “fascist” one, because that seems to me to be a distinction without a difference. und verletzte ihn dabei schwer. Erdogan has a policy sometimes described as “Neo-Ottomanism”, to establish Turkey as the major Sunni player in the Levant and the Eastern Mediterranean. They’re not shy about it, and it’s not just talk. And I defy anyone to find a more successful, out-front, no-kidding, massive, effective, ruthless fascist organization anywhere in the world. Ağca stand den Grauen Wölfen nahe. It depends whether you see “fascist” as a description of a political programme, or just a term of abuse. NATO might survive the loss of many other small European states, but it could not survive losing Turkey. That’s their territory, their street corner. Perhaps 20 or 30 years from now, if there are any historians or writers left, they will automatically write off the Novochok and Russiagate narratives as fantasies of the intelligence agencies. Inasmuch as they have an ideology at all it tends to be a romantic mish-mash full of traditional cultural and (as here) religious references. Raggiunto ad Istanbul dal ‘Mirror‘, Mehmet Ali Agca ricorda l’attentato ed oggi è convinto che “E’ stato destino. Ein Mann aus dem engsten Umkreis von Johannes Paul II. Er erhielt eine Gefängnisstrafe, konnte aber am 24. A child was burned in a boiler. They were massacred with impunity in Ottoman pogroms. I think that is enough," Francis's spokesman, Federico Lombardi, told La Republica. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 30. This kind of population lives in a state of siege, glories in that feeling, and is almost always willing to lash out against the sea of minorities they imagine surrounding them. You’d be pushed to find any real religious significance in all this, and I think the same applies to the Grey Wolves: their essential motivation is ethnic (especially anti-Armenian and anti-Kurd), and for them religion is essentially a cultural badge. Papst Franziskus wird dort Ende November erwartet. This would not be the first time that the interests of what you could call the NATO Deep State aligned all too perfectly with the more gullible pockets of the Left. The current chant of the Wolves many, many supporters is “My heart is Turkish and my soul is Muslim!” You must be both: ethnically Turkish and orthodox, Sunni Muslim as well. Blaming Bulgaria rather than the obvious suspects, the Gray Wolves  to which this thug Ali Agca had been murderously loyal all his life, was especially bizarre since there was an obvious sectarian motive: the Gray Wolves hate Christians, as they hate all other minorities, ethnic or religious, and make a point of staging provocations at all occasions when the remnants of what was once a huge Christian minority dare to show themselves in public. They have quite a record. Britain and France, now joined by the US, were as vengeful toward the former Empire as they had been lenient during its bloody final years. Unser Autor hat den Agenten mit der Nummer 10682 in Warschau getroffen. [5] Nächste Woche soll der Attentäter Mehmet Ali Agca aus dem Gefängnis entlassen werden - und er schmiedet offenbar bereits lukrative Zukunftspläne. The details of the massacre are very typical, sickening but not unusual: Seyho Demir: “The Maras Police Chief at the time was Abdülkadir Aksu, Minister of the Interior in the last AKP government. Papst-Attentäter bekennt sich wieder zum Islam, Papst-Attentäter nennt Ajatollah Chomeini als Drahtzieher,ğca&oldid=199455217, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“, türkischer Rechtsextremist und Papstattentäter. Perhaps someone in the commentariat with more knowledge of Turkey can enlighten me, but I’ve always been puzzled by the Grey Wolves position somewhere between nationalist secularism and Sunni Islam. NATO might survive the loss of many other small European states, but it could not survive losing Turkey. They’re adapting quickly, and even have their own fierce Wiki defenders.”. I can’t imagine this group finding any friends among e.g. im Jahr 1983 soll von Ayatollah Khomeini geplant worden sein - behauptet der Attentäter Mehmet Ali Agca. Mai 1981 mit einer Pistole. Mehmet Ali Agca hat versucht, Papst Johannes Paul II. In jener Zeit herrschten Pressezensur und beschränkte Meinungsfreiheit; offizielle Untersuchungen waren nicht objektiv. Other members helped Mr. Agca escape from prison. Papst-Attentäter bittet um Treffen mit Franziskus. [8] Ein Sprecher des Vatikans bestreitet die Darstellungen Ağcas. Based on the references to Germany in the second and third paragraphs I’m looking forward to reading more from Gary about the Gray Wolves’ actions there and elsewhere in I hate to speculate, because the range of possible answers all boils down to cowardice, conformity, and the odd Euro-centrism one finds in the strangest places. Papst-Attentäter will mit Lebensgeschichte Millionen kassieren. Pope John Paul II gunman Mehmet Ali Agca in surprise visit to the late pontiffs tomb in the Vatican on Dec 27, 2014. Nach den Islam-Äußerungen von Benedikt XVI. Often impressive individuals, but completely ruthless and immensely fond of violence. Ottoman rule over non-Turkish territory was erased. Mehmet Ali Ağca (* 9. Das Verschwinden der Schülerin Mirella Gregori im Jahr 1983 sei eng mit dem der Jugendlichen Emanuela Orlandi in Rom und dem des sowjetischen Journalisten Oleg Bitow in Venedig verbunden. Im Mai 2008 stellte Ağca den Antrag auf die polnische Staatsbürgerschaft. They hardly bothered to hide their collusion in the escape. I don’t understand the politics of NATO, why is this the case in 2020? Weitere Informationen:, Der Kurz-Link dieses Artikels lautet: Mehmet Ali Ağca(Turkish pronunciation: [mehˈmet aˈli ˈaːdʒa]; born 9 January 1958) is a Turkishassassinand Grey Wolvesmemberwho murdered left-wing journalist Abdi İpekçion 1 February 1979, and later shot and wounded Pope John Paul IIon 13 … The Armenians tended to keep to themselves, and the Greek population, formerly quite large and active under the Empire, had its own agenda–and was expelled. Papst-Attentäter Mehmet Ali Agca ist nach fast drei Jahrzehnten in Haft aus dem Gefängnis in der Türkei entlassen worden. All accounts agree that the massacre not only happened with state collusion but state encouragement. Here are a few highlights from their long, successful career: In 1978, Gray Wolves started pogroms against Alevi Kurds in Maras (also known as Kahramanmaras) in South-Central Anatolia. Januar 2006 aufgehoben und Ağca erneut verhaftet. In fact the Gray Wolves are going mainstream, and winning a lot of votes. schwelt der Streit zwischen dem Vatikan und Muslimen weiter - allen Entschuldigungen zum Trotz. the AfD in Germany, whose antiforeigner orientation begins with animosity against the Turkish minority, many of whom arrived as Gastarbeiter (guest workers) after 1945 when so many of the German working class were dead. They sacked everything. Why don’t more people notice that? They were still around, partly because Britain and France always supported them against the bogeyman of the late Victorian Era, the Russian Threat. The “Bulgarian connection” never made much sense, but it served the US/UK/Israel/Saudi intelligence agencies’ PR purposes. [6], Am 18. Zeugen zufolge sollen ihm einige Soldaten, die den Grauen Wölfen nahe standen (Bünyamin Yilmaz), eine Waffe gegeben und bei der Flucht geholfen haben. Sono un brav’uomo adesso. He served nearly three decades in prisons in Italy and Turkey. But it’s a statistical certainty that somewhere along the long line from greenlighting an attack like this and sending red-hot ball bearings splattering into the bodies of teenagers with peace banners, many of the men involved were members in good standing of the good ol’ Wolves. Papst-Attentäter Mehmet Ali Agca ist nach fast drei Jahrzehnten in Haft aus dem Gefängnis in der Türkei entlassen worden. Nun behauptet er in seinem Buch, der iranische Revolutionsführer Chomeini habe ihn dazu angestiftet. We may never know how many Kurds are murdered daily in the southeast of Anatolia, because no one who matters, in the Turkish state or its many powerful allies in the West (e.g. They took out the eight-month foetus, shouting “Allah Allah” and hung it from an electricity pole with a hook. Here they’re marching in a show of strength in a tech-oriented city (with huge IT operations of US companies) in South India that has until recently had a reputation for peaceful coexistence: Less than a year old (a few weeks before Delhi riots): Orthodox Christians are the Wolves’ preferred prey. The Empire had once ruled from Central Europe to Iraq, flowing and ebbing over the centuries (with a peak in the 16th century). Nachdem er im Juli 1981 zu einer Freiheitsstrafe verurteilt worden war, amnestierte ihn am 13. Nach fast drei Jahrzehnten in Haft ist der Papst-Attentäter Mehmet Ali Agca wieder frei. Klicken Sie auf den Button, spielen wir den Hinweis auf dem anderen Gerät aus und Sie können SPIEGEL+ weiter nutzen. Agca, der den inzwischen verstorbenen Papst Johannes Paul II. Propped up by the two big powers of Europe, the Empire managed to survive a coup in 1908 by young officers who would go on to a career in defeat and genocide, because they guessed wrong on which side would win the oncoming Great War. That’s the pattern here: the Gray Wolves as the street-fighting wing of the state. The lawyer Halil Güllüoglu followed the Maras massacre case. If you interviewed a random Grey Wolf would he (or she) be able to describe why the Alevi aren’t considered Muslims? Mehmet Ali Ağca (* 9. Just check on some Irish history, we’ve a long history of extremist paramilitary groups covering the full spectrum from left to quasi fascist, with most shades in between represented. 33 Jahre nach dem Anschlag bittet er nun in einem offenen Brief um ein Treffen mit dessen Nachfolger in der Türkei. Noch immer wird vermutet, der heute 52-Jährige sei ein Auftragskiller. Violence by the Gray Wolves is a constant in Turkey, usually unreported — especially now that Erdogan’s party has imprisoned thousands of journalists and intellectuals, and terrorized the rest into quietism or collusion. They fought well, and then they went about making Turkey a monoethnic state, without mercy. Dezember 2014 legte Ağca im Petersdom zwei Sträuße weißer Rosen am Grab von Johannes Paul II. Mehmet Ali Agca arrived back in Rome unexpectedly and presented himself to police to declare his intention to lay the flowers. Still others prepared a false passport for him. I don't think council tax should be based... one of my favorite people(along with Rev. Strafminderungen und eine Amnestie führten zu seiner Freilassung auf Bewährung am 12. Giovanni Paolo II si è ripreso ed è tornato a svolgere il suo compito di vicario di Cristo fino al 2005, anno in cui è morto naturalmente. In fact, it’s very closely related to the phenomenon of not noticing, or trying very hard not to notice, the sectarian ultra-violence of the Syrian “rebels.” But this time, since Turkey is a NATO ally, it’s the violence of the state and its fascist proxies that is ignored. This is happening in places like Bosnia and in Kosovo (where there is a small Turkish minority). Hence my frustration with the news flow — currently in my view the swirling intersection of two, separate Shock Doctrine campaigns, one by the Administration, and the other by out-of-power liberals and their allies in the State and in the press — a news flow that constantly forces me to focus on matters that I regard as of secondary importance to the excess deaths. Heute bekennt sich Ağca zwar zu den Grauen Wölfen, bezeichnet die 1970er Jahre jedoch als „abgeschlossenes Kapitel“ und steht der MHP (politischer Arm der Grauen Wölfe) distanziert gegenüber. Ganz den Ärzten ausgeliefert – Die lebensgefährlichen Verletzungen des Johannes Paul II. Interesting to see how blithely the author dismisses the “Bulgarian Plot to Kill the Pope” fiction — yet at the time the mainstream media promoted this CIA psy-op as a true story, proving the malevolence of the Communist Bulgarians and demonstrating that their Russian sponsors could never be trusted. Januar 1958 in Hekimhan, Malatya) ist ein türkischer Rechtsextremist. The Turkish State apparatus has always been ideologically very firmly secular and very hostile to any political islam. April 2020 um 14:07 Uhr bearbeitet. He was killed for pursuing the case anyway. And then there are the young men who join the Gray Wolves. 1979 ermordete er den Journalisten Abdi İpekçi (Chef der türkischen Zeitung Milliyet). Mehmet Ali Ağca si era macchiato ... Quest’ultimo, a bordo della sua Papamobile – una Fiat Campagnola oggi conservata nel Padiglione delle Carrozze all’interno del Museo storico vaticano, presso i Musei Vaticani a Roma – era da poco entrato nella piazza gremita quando è stato raggiunto dai due proiettili sparati da Ali Ağca. IMAGE: The famous encounter in which Pope John Paul II offered forgiveness to his would-be assassin, Mehmet Ali Agca. Jahrestag der ersten Marienerscheinung von Fátima fiel, schrieb Johannes Paul II. Viele Türken glauben, dass Agca bald sterben wird. Im Mai 1981 schoss der Türke Mehmet Ali Agca auf Papst Johannes Paul II. Because in U S of A, any understanding of religious complication is just too difficult. A part of the state’s strategy to beat the PKK was to support religiously conservative parties/militants in Kurdish areas as a readily available counterweight to the PKK (the PKK’s own secularism has made itself enemies amongst the Kurds). Darin gibt er an, den Mordauftrag von Ajatollah Chomeini persönlich erhalten zu haben. Anschließend nahm ihn die italienische Polizei fest, weil er ohne Schengen-Visum in Italien eingereist war. Mehmet Ali Agca è tornato a parlare dell’attentato a Papa Giovanni Paolo II (1981) in una lunga intervista rilasciata al Daily Mirror. Medicare for All is the prime example, but tuition-free college and a Post Office Bank also fall under this heading. Subscribe to the Radio War Nerd podcast & newsletter! There I met a nurse I knew…When she saw me, she was surprised: ‘Seyho, where have you come from? Nach 29 Jahren in Haft ist der türkische Papst-Attentäter Mehmet Ali Agca wieder frei. A recent example is Turkey’s shipping of Syrian Islamist mercenaries to Azerbaijan to fight in Karabakh. Aufsehen erregte der Papst, als er dem Attentäter schon auf dem Krankenbett in der Gemelli-Klinik vergab und ihn zwei Jahre nach der Genesung im Gefängnis besuchte. Older readers might remember the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II back in 1979. At any rate, no one cared to remember or notice the extermination of the Armenians, but the winners at Versailles were typically vengeful against the former Ottoman Empire — not by any means for wiping out the Armenians, but for being German allies, and losing. Although the Turkish state has been/somewhat still is secular to a first order approximation, in practice it has been willing to co-opt conservative forces especially to enforce its will on the Kurds. zu töten. One of the unsettling defenses I saw of him was that there are so many Gray Wolves members here that you’ll necessarily bump into them if you run in Turkish circles. We have a swarm of fascist-spotters who’ve spent the last few decades waiting for fascism to emerge in Germany when it was marching around, shouting at the top of its lungs, beating minorities, celebrating genocide, and supporting ethnic cleansing right in front of their damn faces. Let them make those files public, then the role of the state will become clear.”, Meryem Polat: “They started in the morning, burning all the houses, and continued into the afternoon. I don’t know where the Grey Wolves fit in among this, and whether this is really a stable coalition or if it all has the potential to fall apart in violence if Erdogan keeps making his usual strategic errors. Indeed, many such groups are traditionalist and reactionary, idealising their nation’s history and calling themselves after heroes of the past. They have taken at least ten lightly-wounded people from the hospital downstairs and killed them.’ This was done under the control of the head physician of the Maras State Hospital. Juni 2000[3] (nach 19 Jahren Haft) der italienische Präsident Ciampi auf Bitten des Papstes, und Ağca wurde in die Türkei ausgeliefert. Hear him read his comic memoir Pleasant Hell in audiobook format. Die Polizei brachte den heute 52-jährigen unmittelbar nach der Haftentlassung in ein Militärkrankenhaus, wo Ärzte ihn offiziell für wehrdienstuntauglich erklärten. zu töten. The evolution of the Gray Wolves is a classic fascist Genesis story, and the behavior of its hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of supporters is classic fascist violence. Er ermordete am 1. Note the familiar pattern: Ali Agca kills a leftist editor who’s annoying the Turkish state, gets caught, and manages to escape with a lot of help from Turkish intelligence. What kind of political economy is it that halts or even reverses the increases in life expectancy that civilized societies have achieved? It’s rare for those stories to make the news at all, but God knows you can’t forget them once you’ve read them. Laut eigenen Bekundungen gegenüber den Medien ist er inzwischen zum Katholizismus übergetreten. The Gray Wolves, as advocates of the (Sunni) Muslim order, consider Alevi not to be Muslims.